Build strength, muscle endurance, and overall fitness through a variety of circuits and intervals. This class focuses on developing functional movement patterns and is for anyone and everyone who is looking to keep their workouts constantly varied at a high intensity.

5:30AM Instructor: Jackie Hatch $10 walk in

9:00AM Instructor: Emily Hoar $10 walk in/ $80 for 10 classes or $40 for 5 classes

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  1. I really want to sign up for this class!! Can you tell me how much it will be for the class

  2. Author

    That is great Carrie! I just sent you an email with all of the information! See you soon!

  3. Author

    Hi Michelle. Thank you for your interest, I just sent you an email with all of the information. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. What days are this class? And what is the level? I am currently not doing anything…..

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